G4S case goes to tribunal

A Worksop firm has offered two former prison officers settlements in private prior to them seeking compensation for unfair dismissal.
G4S, Carlton House, Carlton Road, Worksop  (w121212-1)G4S, Carlton House, Carlton Road, Worksop  (w121212-1)
G4S, Carlton House, Carlton Road, Worksop (w121212-1)

Former prison officer Paul Perry, has accepted the undisclosed offer but the other claimant, Andrew Mountford, has rejected it. Both were sacked for allegedly assaulting a 21-year-old prisoner.

G4S Care & Justice Services (UK) Ltd of Carlton Road failed in their bid at a previous Birmingham Employment Tribunal hearing to have the case struck out.

Mr Nicolas Sheppard, representing the respondents, had previously claimed the former prison officers had little or no prospects of winning.

The prisoner, who had been convicted following an armed bank robbery, was alleged to have been pushed, pulled from a cell by his shirt and struck by three prison officers at Birmingham Prison after being searched following a family visit. The third former officer did not make a claim.

The claimants had been accused of assault and provocation. G4S alleged the prisoner was pushed and struck.

Instead of striking out the case tribunal judge Miss Helen Harding said the hearing could go ahead at a full hearing.

Mr Perry failed to attend the latest hearing after he was said to have accepted a compensation offer in private from G4S.

Mr Mountford said he had an offer but had rejected it and was going ahead with his tribunal claim. His case has been listed for several days.

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