Gainsborough: Drug dealer is jailed for two years

A Gainsborough drug dealer has been jailed for two years at Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown CourtLincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

John Lowther was arrested after being stopped and searched by plain clothes police officers in November last year.

Mark Achurch, prosecuting, said that Lowther was stopped in Trinity Street in Gainsborough while he was with two other men.

Mr Achurch said “He was searched and found to have a mobile phone, cash and tablets.”

“He said the tablets were steroids.”

“He said police would find nothing on his phone.”

“But on analysis there were numerous messages referring to drug dealing.”

Mr Achurch said the phone contained messages from customers inquiring about the availability of drugs, prices, debts and about arrangements for meetings.

He added: “Three specific messages referred to supplying amphetamine.”

“On each occasion it was clear he was selling amphetamine for an amount which would have been an ounce quantity.”

Lowther, 28, of Ropery Road, Gainsborough, admitted three charges of being concerned in the supply of drugs on dates between 1st March and 24th November 2013.

He also admitted three specific charges of supplying amphetamine.

Lowther appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on Friday 28th November.

David Eager, defending, said that at the time Lowther had been denied access to benefits and turned to drug dealing for an income.

He said: “This is not a man who had a lifestyle that was wealthy.”

“He was living off this because he wasn’t getting any benefits.”

“He was living off it but not in an extravagant way.”

Mr Eager said that since his arrest Lowther has changed his lifestyle and has not come to the attention of the police for any further offences.

Mr Eager added: “He is now in receipt of benefits.”

“He has formed a relationship and he has kept his nose clean.”

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told Lowther: “It was a commercial enterprise because you found yourself unable to claim benefits therefore to make money you resorted to this activity.”

“This type of dealing has to be dealt with by an immediate custodial sentence.”

The judge adjourned a hearing to consider confiscation of Lowther’s available assets to a later date.