Gainsborough: Housing policies in support of armed forces

Through the Lincolnshire Armed Forces Community Covenant all seven district councils in Lincolnshire have committed to supporting forces and ex-forces personnel, who wish to find a home in the county.
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NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

The councils’ housing allocations policies all now aim to ensure support for those who meet the criteria, in finding a home.

In most cases those who qualify for support should have been resident in Lincolnshire in the previous five years, or they could be a bereaved spouse of someone who served in the forces from a base in Lincolnshire.

Coun Sue Woolley said: “The Armed Forces Covenant has brought partners together to discuss issues which are affecting forces personnel, and it became apparent that finding suitable housing in the county was a common concern.”

“Many members of the armed forces build strong links with Lincolnshire when they are based here, and it’s a very positive move by all seven district councils to make a commitment to help those people who wish to make their home here.”

The covenant is co-ordinated by the county council and includes the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, the British Army, seven district councils and more.