Gainsborough: Mandy didn’t let a stroke stop her from achieving her goal of launching her own business

A brave Gainsborough woman who had a stroke aged 41 has overcome her health issues and launched her own mobile beauty business.

Mandy Kitchen
Mandy Kitchen

Mandy Kitchen, 44, started having breathing difficulties in September 2011 and after suffering with them for a few days she collapsed on the floor of her flat.

Luckily her neighbour and friend, Richard Bush, heard her fall and rushed round to help.

Richard said: “I could tell that she was in distress and was unable to articulate her words.”

“The left side of her face was also drooping and she was unable to get up off the floor, even with help.”

“Having seen the FAST information commercials on telelvision I recognised this as a stroke.”

Following her stroke Mandy struggled to walk and had to rely on a walking stick and a wheelchair for longer journeys but Mandy was determined to get back on her feet.

Mandy said: “The Stroke Association, a Lincolnshire hospital out reach team and Richard have been very supportive.”

Earlier this year Mandy launched her mobile beauty business, Beauty on the Move.

Mandy wants to be able to provide treatments for young mothers who have children at home and also older people who cannot get out and those living in rural areas with poor transport links.

For more information about Mandy’s business venture you can find it on Facebook.