Gainsborough: Police end enquiries into a stabbing incident after it is revealed the victim and offender are known to each other

An incident where a man was stabbed in Gainsborough will have no further involvement from the police after it has been revealed that the offender and victim were known to each other.

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A 34-year-old man was stabbed between 6.15am and 6.30am on Thursday 24th April in behind the Plough Business Hub in Church Street, Gainsborough but he was found in Beaufort Street at 6.40am.

DC Dave Haddock, of Gainsborough CID, said: “After thorough investigation of this incident it is unlikely that there will be any further police action or subsequent criminal action.”

“The victim and offender are believed to have been known to each other but after extensive enquiries and attempts to interview the injured man, who is already known to police, we have not been able to obtain an accurate account from him as to what happened.”

“He has expressed a wish to not co-operate with police and for that reason we cannot proceed further with the investigation.”

“We are fully aware of the worry and concern this incident has caused the public living in the area.”

“We want people to know that as police officers we make it our top priority to not only ensure as best we can the safety of the public but also to reassure them that these types of incidents really are very rare.”

“In this case we believe we have individuals involved who were known to each other and had a personal issue that led to the violence that we saw play out.”

“We want people to know that this was not a random episode and at no point did we think there was a threat to the wider public.”

“There is still no threat to the wider public as this was an isolated and contained incident between people who were already acquainted.”

“We hope that this reassures people somewhat that the streets of Gainsborough are no less safe than they were before this incident.”

This incident occurred around six weeks after a 36-year-old was left in a coma after being stabbed in broad day light in Ropery Road, Gainsborough.