Gainsborough: Probus members learn about historic Wieliczka salt mine

The first meeting of 2015 for Gainsborough Probus Club featured a film supplied by Stuart Leeman about the historic salt mine in Wieliczka in Poland.
The Wieliczka Salt Mine in PolandThe Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland
The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland

At over 700 years old, this is one of the oldest salt mines in Europe, and since 1978 it has been registered on the UNESCO first list of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Members were taken on a tour round the mine, through the amazing labyrinth of tunnels and chambers which form this extensive site.

The pure size was impressive, showing the wonders of nature and also the ingenuity of those who designed machinery to make the extracting and transporting of the salt possible.

To bring a local connection, the choir from Gainsborough High School had sung in one of the enormous chambers, which is used as a chapel and was developed during the 20th Century.

Also at the meeting, John Greenaway continued his story of life before Probus, taking members from the family’s time in Kenya to the adventurous journey home, mostly over land, taking in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The club meets on Mondays at 10am at Morton Village Hall. For more details, contact Barry Gilyead on 01427 613205.

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