Gainsborough: Retired Metropolitan Police officer jailed for sexual assault on schoolboy

A Metropolitan police officer who left the force to become a social worker was jailed yesterday (Monday. August 3) after a judge heard how he sexually assaulted a schoolboy more than 20 years ago.

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Joseph Green, who now lives in Gainsborough, was sent to prison for 18 months and ordered to be placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.

The 68-year-old appeared before a judge for sentencing for the historic sexual offences which he admitted at an earlier hearing.

The court was told that retired policeman Green had indecently assaulted a boy aged under 13 years in 1992.

Prosecuter Andrew Copeland told the judge that Green took the hand of a boy under the age of 13 and forced the boy to touch him.

Green then himself touched the boy, and was pushed away by his victim.

Mr Copeland told how Green had consumed a bottle of red wine prior to the assault on the boy who is now an adult but cannot be named for legal reasons.

He said: “The defendant took the hand of the boy and put it on his own erect penis. The boy took his hand away and by holding his hand again he put his hand back on it.

“Green then put his hand on the boy’s penis and tried to masturbate. The boy pushed away and moved away. Green then stopped.

“This affected the boy through childhood and into adulthood.”

Defending, James Gray said that there were three mitigating factors surrounding the incident which he believed could shorten his sentence, including Green admitting the offence early in proceedings.

Mr Gray said: “He did not plead guilty at the first hearing but at the next opportunity. He should be given some credit but not full credit.”

“The second factor is that it happened 25 years ago, and he feels remorse for what he has done.

“The defendant is sorry. In this case it is genuine. It has manifested in a number of ways through depression and suicidal thoughts, but also by his letter to the court.

“He thinks about the consequences of his actions on the victim every day. He feels sick.

“The final factor is risk. There was nothing before this and nothing after. There is also the added element of alcohol,” said the barrister.

“It looks that there is no motivation or reason for this case. He does not know why he committed this offence. He has never had a sexual interest in children. He has suffered considerably as a consequence of his actions. He presents a low risk.”

The court also heard how Green had planned to move to retire with his partner to Turkey.

Sentencing him, Judge Johanna Cutts, said: “I accept you were drinking but when you realised your mistake you should have moved away.

“You put your hand around his penis and when he removed it you put it back.

“This was a short incident but it is one that has haunted his victim for years. I hope he can now move on with his life.”

In addition Green has been put on the sex offenders register for 10 years and barred from working with children.

Judge Cutts also gave him a restraining order which prevents him from contacting the victim both directly or indirectly and a Sexual Offence Prevention Order. Both orders will be for a period of 10 years.

The victim’s family said outside court after sentencing: “It has deeply affected him all these years. I just hope now he can move on.”