Gainsborough: Retired social worker is continuing to change the lives of children by volunteering for ChildLine Schools Service

A retired local authority social workerfrom Gainsborough is continuing to have a positive impact on local childrens’ lives as a volunteer for ChildLine Schools Service.
NEWS: The Gainsborough StandardNEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

Millie Creasey, 68, recently became one of ChildLine Schools Service’s newest recruits and she wants other local people to join her in making a difference.

Millie, said: “I saw an advert looking for ChildLine Schools Service volunteers in the Gainsborough Standard and I instantly wanted to know more.”

“The more I researched it the more I thought that it sounded perfect for me.”

“I get on well with children and love to see them develop.”

“I am heavily involved with Gainsborough’s Kismet Theatre Company so standing up and speaking in front of people doesn’t normally phase me; however I have to admit the first time I did deliver the service in a school I was nervous.”

“Once I got up and spoke the nerves just disappeared, it’s just like first night nerves when I perform a play.”

“The training is excellent and you feel really well supported in schools.”

“We work in twos, a bit like a ‘tag team’, so you never lose your way with the presentation.”

The ChildLine Schools Service, which is part of the NSPCC, is provided free of charge and focuses on primary school children, aged nine to 11-years-old and aims to teach primary aged children how to keep safe from abuse and neglect.

Sara Parker, Area Co-ordinator for Lincolnshire, said: “People like Millie make an amazing contribution in their local community by helping to keep children safe.”

Millie added: “If I can help just one child find the means to speak out about how they are feeling then I know the ChildLine Schools Service is working.”

“There is an obvious need for us to discuss these issues and leave children with the appropriate means to deal with them.”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for the ChildLine Schools Service visit or call Sara Parker on 01507 451120 or 07815764195.