Gainsborough: Website reveals number of married people seeking affairs in the area

A total of 574 married people in Gainsborough are seeking affairs on an internet dating site - this is compared to 526 last year.
NEWS: The Gainsborough StandardNEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

The figures were released by, the UK’s largest married dating site and shows the number of people having affairs in every area in the UK.

Claire Page of said: “It’s no wonder the traffic to the site is so high.”

“People are dying to see how many people are having an affair on their street, village or town - who wouldn’t want to know if they live in a cheating hotspot?”

“Thousands of people are checking the Illicit Index to see how many people in their area are having affairs.”

Psychologist Lucy Redford said: “Discretion is usually the main priority in extra-marital affairs.”

“If secrecy wasn’t important, the individual would seek a divorce before an affair.”

“Oftentimes when passion has left a relationship, but people don’t want to fracture their home status or disrupt a family unit, and they’re not willing to compromise their sex lives, an affair becomes tempting for their situation.”

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