Gainsborough: You can find out more about free childcare options from your bus ticket

A novel method is being used to let parents know free childcare is available for two-year-olds in parts of Lincolnshire.
Danny FosterDanny Foster
Danny Foster

Lincs County Council has taken the innovative step of using the back of bus tickets to spread the word that parents can benefit from up to 15 hours of free childcare each week during term time.

Or they can have a ‘stretched offer’ which is for 12 hours per week over 48 weeks per year.

During February bus tickets issued in Gainsborough, Lincoln, Skegness and Grantham will carry information about how to take advantage of the free childcare offer.

Danny Foster, National Sales Executive at Ticketmedia, the company that is working with the county council on the campaign, believes the number of childcare adverts on the reverse of bus tickets will exceed one million.

Danny said: “We estimate that over 800,000 adverts for childcare will be seen by bus passengers in Lincoln, Gainsborough and Skegness and 250,000 in Grantham.”

“The intention is to target local mums and dads with young children who don’t know about this opportunity.”

The campaign started on 2nd February and will run for four weeks in each area.

Geraldine O’Neill, Senior Leader of Lincs County Council, said: “I hope residents will look out for the tickets when they are travelling on the bus and get in touch to see if they are eligible to receive the free childcare.”

“The advert design created by Ticketmedia is really eye catching so I’m sure the campaign will boost the number of people making the most of this great offer.”

To apply fill out an application form at

For more information about the scheme visit or call freephone 0800 195 1635.