GCSEs: Wales High School pupils are simply the best

A ‘tremendous’ amount of hard work and dedication went into securing the best GCSE results in Wales High School’s history, said headteacher Pepe Di’Iasio.

Ashleigh Weir with her mum
Ashleigh Weir with her mum

“We are immensely proud of our students today,” he said.

“We have seen a massive increase in all the main performance measures. We are absolutely delighted, particularly with the outstanding progress students have shown in English and mathematics.”

“This is a reflection of the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication shown by both students and staff. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

Top ten GCSE pupils at Wales High School

The top ten scoring students in the school were Hannah Foster, Liberty Bennet, Emma Ainsworth, Hannah Brearley-Bayliss, Luke Miller, Ashleigh Weir, Adam Lee, Rebecca Tweed, Philip Hope and Kia Lindley.

All of these youngsters got 5A*s or more. Ashleigh Weir achieved all A*s.

She said: “I was really overwhelmed with gaining all A*s. Having being very nervous all week and unsure about my results, I was absolutely speechless!.”

“Everyone has worked so hard and it’s paid off eventually. I’m hoping to study chemistry, history, English literature and music at A Level from September.”

“My dream career would be either in the music or media industry, but I want to keep my options open and see how the next two years works out for now.”