'˜Get your grubby mitts off!': Horncastle gardens hit by invasion

Celebrities line up to eat them on one hit TV show - but gardeners in Horncastle just want to know how to kill them!

A chafer bug lavae EMN-161024-132506001
A chafer bug lavae EMN-161024-132506001

According to reports, an infestation of chafer grubs has caused thousands of pounds of damage in the town.

There are claims some property owners are so fed up, they have resorted to digging up complete lawns and replacing them with hard landscaping.

Apparently, the grubs have caused particular problems in the Mark Avenue, Lincoln Road and Boston Road areas.

A damaged garden in Horncastle EMN-161024-131320001

One householder who asked not to be named told the News: “They’ve completely wrecked my garden.

“I’ve tried all kinds of things to get rid of them but nothing works.

“A few years ago, there was a chemical spray you could use but that’s now been banned by the EU.

“I’ve been told it could cost £3-4,000 to put my garden right and there’s no guarantee they won’t come back.

A damaged garden in Horncastle EMN-161024-131320001

“I’m just going to dig the lot up and put gravel down - or a very deep pond!”

The grubs bury under lawns. Although they eat the roots of grass, much of the damage is done by birds - especially rooks, magpies and crows - which tear up lawns to feed on them.

According to experts, badgers and foxes also attack grass to get at the bugs.

A landlord, who owns properties in the Mark Avenue area, said: “These grubs cause havoc.”