Green burials to feature on TV

BBC camera crews have been filming at a woodland burial site for a series of documentaries about alternative funerals.

They have been filming funerals at Respect Green Burials site at Laughton.

The company also has a burial site at Scrooby, near Bawtry.

Three one-hour programmes are scheduled to be shown this autumn.

Respect owner Gordon Tulley said: “It is good timing because people are wanting now to have more involvement in arrangements for funerals and to have the time to do it.”

“There is a dissatisfaction with having a standard black funeral, people want to get back to the old way and put something together that’s meaningful for them.”

The TV crews filmed the funeral of a man whose coffin, featuring a picture of a wild flower meadow, was carried by pony and cart to the burial. Family and friends wrote farewell messages and doves were released as a final send-off.

They also interviewed a woman with a life-limiting illness who is planning a living wake.

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