Green Party will not contest Louth & Horncastle seat

The Green Party has today (Monday) announced that it will not be contesting the upcoming general election in the Louth and Horncastle constituency.

The Green Party
The Green Party

A Green Party press statement said it has been ‘a difficult decision, as many will want to vote for a party that sees the long-term health of the environment as vital’.

The statement continued: “The first past the post system allows little prospect of making much impact in this Tory stronghold. Our efforts are going to towards helping Green candidates elsewhere.

“All who care for the common good will use their vote tactically to support the candidate that best represents the interests of all citizens, those alive today and future generations.”

The statement went on to claim that global warming has been ‘ignored’ in the general election campaign so far, and accused the current government of focusing on short-term issues rather than looking ahead to the impact that global warming and air pollution may have in future.

It also criticised what he described as the Conservative Party’s “reckless abandonment of 40 years of progress in building the European Union (EU)”, in addition to their policies on the NHS, housing, public transport, libraries and the economy.

The Green Party statement concluded: “We call upon voters to cast their vote tactically to reduce the influence of candidates who do not work for the common good. In neighbouring constituencies, please vote for the Green Party candidates: Victoria Percival in Boston and Skegness, Victoria Pearson in Gainsborough, and Lloyd Emerson in Cleethorpes.”

• Visit the Louth Leader and Horncastle News websites for the latest news on candidates in the upcoming general election on June 8.

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