Hair today, gone tomorrow for Elsie's big haircut

This kind-hearted nine-year-old has donated 15 inches of her hair to a valuable charity.

Elsie Linforth, from Caythorpe, has donated 15 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Elsie Linforth, from Caythorpe, has been growing her hair for months in order to cut and donate it to The Little Princess Trust a national charity that creates wigs for a children and young people who have lost their hair due to treatment for cancer or other conditions.

Elsie, who has Down's Syndrome, said that she wanted to cut her hair and donate it to help children who don't have any hair themselves after watching a TV programme which had a little girl that had no hair, and her mum Colette explained she had cancer and the medicine she has made her hair fall out.

On Friday (June 4), Elsie visited The Hair Band hair salon in Grantham with her family and had 15 inches of hair cut.

Elsie Linforth before her haircut.

Colette said: "There were quite a few people in the salon cheering her on which was lovely, and she was so excited."

Elsie said that it feels strange not having long hair all down her back.

So far, Elsie has raised over £800 for the Little Princess Trust. You can donate to Elsie's cause by visiting her JustGiving page here.