Half of migrants are from Poland

OVER half the number of migrant workers registering for a National Insurance number in Bassetlaw in the last financial year were from Poland.

Figures from the Department for Work and Pensions showed that 270 Polish nationals were registered.

Poles were the biggest group of non-UK nationals registering, making up 57 per cent of the total 470.

Bassetlaw registered the highest number of Poles of any district in Notts.

For the county as a whole, Polish people again made up the largest group from any one country with 940 NI number registrations.

However a report from National Insurance Recording shows that the number of NI registrations from the so-called ‘Accession 8’ countries which joined the EU in 2004 - including Poland - has fallen.

In the financial year 06/07 the number peaked at more than 2,500 but has been falling since. In the year 10/11 it had dropped to 1,840, although this was up 560 on the previous financial year.

The report says: “A NINo (NI number) is generally required by any overseas national looking to work or claim benefits/tax credits in the UK, including the self employed or students working part time.

“The figures provide a measure of in-migration but do not reflect emigration or the overall migrant population.”