Help protect your child against flu '“ it's safe and painless

Flu jabFlu jab
Flu jab
With autumn well underway and coughs, colds and flu already starting to circulate, NHS Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is urging parents of children between the ages of two and seven to make sure their child has their flu nasal vaccination.

The nasal spray vaccination is available free on the NHS. It’s quick, effective and painless, and available to children aged six months to two years with an underlying medical condition and children aged two and three years old, as well as those in school Reception to Year 5. It’s important to protect your children from flu and the vaccination is the best protection against the virus. Flu can cause severe illness and can even be fatal amongst those with a long-term health condition.

The vaccine will protect your child, and those they come into contact with, against the flu virus. In addition, by vaccinating your child you are protecting their parents and grandparents as children are known to be ‘super spreaders’ of the flu virus.

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Dr Stephen Baird, Chair, Lincolnshire East CCG said: “Flu can be a very unpleasant illness in children.

“Symptoms can include fever, chills and aching muscles. Some children may develop complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia and painful middle ear infections which may need hospital treatment.

“We know that children easily spread germs through bad hygiene, such as sneezing and not washing their hands properly.

“Vaccinating your child will not only protect them but also help to reduce the chance of flu spreading to others, especially amongst the vulnerable, such as babies, older people, pregnant women and people with serious long-term illnesses.”

For more information about when and how your child will be vaccinated against flu, talk to your GP or practice nurse.

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