Heroin Inquiry: 10 years on

BASSETLAW MP John Mann launched a probe ten years ago into why the area had earned the unwanted label of heroin hot spot in the East Midlands.

He wanted to find answers into why use of the drug had reached such epidemic levels in Bassetlaw – rocking many faces of our community to the core.

Back in 2002 the Guardian reported 11 deaths in just one year, children as young as 13 becoming hooked on heroin and complaints of used needles littering playgrounds, gardens and street corners were rife.

It was estimated that one in three households in Bassetlaw were directly affected – the majority through burglaries, but also through the addiction of a family member.

Many have agreed the inquiry’s main success has been securing local treatment for addicts through their GP services, offering them tailored methadone programmes.

But how has the inquiry served – or failed – those who are continually wrestling with drug and drink addictions?

We spoke to some of the key players from the 2002 inquiry, along with drug users, for their views on what worked back then – and what needs to change in the future.