'˜Hi-De-Hi' is next big production at Louth Riverhead Theatre

'˜Hi-De-Hi campers'! Yes you've guessed it - Louth Riverhead Theatre is bringing the popular BBC TV show onto the stage this month.

Catch up with Peggy Ollerenshaw & Co at Maplins Holiday Camp.

Popular characters are back, like Gladys Pugh, (Theresa Appleton), Jeffrey Fairbrother, (Andy Derenzi), Ted Bovis, (Ray Baker), and his sidekick, Spike Dixon who is played by Simon Kettle.

Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, the award winning camp dancers, played by Pamela Whalley and Graham Turner, are set to bring out a fun night out at Maplin’s Holiday Camp guaranteed.

Ashley Stevens is taking Su Pollard’s role as chambermaid Peggy Ollerenshaw, desperate to get a job as a Yellowcoat to get away from the clutches of Miss Cathcart.

Performances will be held from March 12-17 from 7.30pm each evening.

For more info and tickets, visit: www.louthriverheadtheatre.com.