High levels of prescription drugs handed out to tackle type-2 diabetes

Research shows that more prescription drugs to tackle type-2 diabetes are handed out in East Lindsey and South Holland than almost anywhere else in the country.

New data released by analytics company EXASOL shows the London district of Newham (1.20 per head of population) topped the table, with East Lindsey second (1.16) and South Holland third (1.14).

Neighbourhing Boston was further down the list with 0.71 per head of population for 2015.

The data captures every GP prescription dispensed at all pharmacies across England and runs for six years from August 2010 through to July 2016.

Sean Jackson, chief marketing officer at EXASOL, said: “When analysing the data, we can see the proof that diabetes prescribing has increased drastically over the past five years. However, this is only one part of the story: when we delve deeper, we find that data can uncover more information such as the geographic differences across the country and the large increase in prescribing of second line drugs.

“With the right data and the right technology, you can turn any problem into a data problem and uncover information to help address it. Type-2 diabetes is an enormous threat and by uncovering insights using big data shows the factual reality of the problem and steps can begin to be taken to reduce the threat. To analyse such enormous data-sets fast, returning answers from the data within seconds, requires the right tool and we hope the findings help to further reduce this serious issue.”