Hopes for sea banks improvement cash

Funding for the first large-scale improvements to sea banks for over 30 years is now a step closer.

Archie Saul (farmer), Stafford Proctor (chair WFG), Mark Robinson (EA), Peter Bateson (WFIDB), and Simeon Disley (WFG). ANL-150312-104827001

The announcement from the Wash Frontage Group (WFG) coincides with the second anniversary of the December 5 2013 storm surge, when over 300 houses and 500 acres of farmland were flooded.

The planned improvements along 5km of sea bank between Leverton and Wrangle are thanks to a working partnership between the Environment Agency (EA), Witham Fourth Internal Drainage Board (WFIDB), and local farmers.

The WFG is a voluntary organisation made up of the landowners and farmers who farm the land on the coast line of The Wash from Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire to Wolferton Creek in Norfolk.

WFG chairman Stafford Proctor said: “The second anniversary of the terrible events has come around quickly. I am pleased that steps are being taken to carry out much-needed improvement works to the sea banks which protect South Lincolnshire and beyond from flooding.

“In particular the EA, WFIDB and the coastline farmers have developed a working partnership and we are hopeful that we will hear shortly that funding has been approved for improvements to the sea bank along 5km between Leverton and Wrangle. These will be the first substantial works to the sea banks for over 30 years.

“The WFG sees these works as an important step in a process which is critical to South Lincolnshire, West Norfolk, and East Midlands as a whole.

“The Wash Shoreline Management Plan of 2010 identified the need to carry out improvements to our sea defences to keep pace with climate change. The Wash Banks Performance Review in 2012 identified the Leverton to Wrangle section as the lowest bank, and that, in parts, it was the only line of defence.

“It is vitally important that this ambition becomes a reality. I commend the works of the EA, the WFIDB and the farmers in taking a first step towards this. WFG has in the last year sought to facilitate and enable improvements to the sea defences, which will benefit the region as a whole.”