Horncastel councillor demands action to stop '˜horrendous' jams

A leading Horncastle town and district councillor has called for action to solve '˜horrendous' jams on Boston Road.
Coun Fiona Martin.Coun Fiona Martin.
Coun Fiona Martin.

Coun Fiona Martin said changes to the sequence of traffic lights at the junction of Boston Road and the A158 had led to ‘ridiculous delays.’

Speaking at a town council meeting last week, Coun Martin said: “I live on Mareham Road and it is often impossible to get out at the junction with Boston Road , unless someone lets you on.

“It is horrendous. Traffic is often queuing back to the Industrial Estate.”

Coun Martin said the problem was the timing sequence of the traffic lights.

She claimed they allowed more traffic to pass through on the A158 towards the coast, meaning vehicles using Boston Road had to wait longer.

She added: “It used to be the summer or school leaving time, but it’s all the time now - even at nine or ten o’clock at night.”

County councillor Bill Aron said he had reported the problem to highways chiefs, and admitted Boston Road was ‘worse’ than the A158.

The junction is at the centre of calls for a town bypass, but Coun Aron admitted there was no update on when that might start.

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