Horncastle resident warns of '˜accident waiting to happen' at busy town junction

A Horncastle resident claims someone could be killed at one of the busiest road junctions in the town - because traffic lights are operating incorrectly.

Andrew Neal has described the situation at the junction of West Street, Langton Hill and Lincoln Road as an ‘accident’ waiting to happen.

Traffic lights are used to control the flow of traffic from West Street and Langton Hill onto and across Lincoln Road (A158).

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Mr Neal claimed the delay on red lights changing to amber was less than a second - well below recommended national guidelines.

He said that as a result, cars crossing the junction were in danger of crashing into each other.

Mr Neal said: “I have witnessed nearly three ‘T-bonings’ at the junction because there is not enough time between the lights changing (colour).

“If we are not careful, there is going to be a fatality and then perhaps the (county) council might do something.”

Mr Neal said he had raised the matter with a contractor who was recently working on the lights at the junction.

However, he told town councillors the contractor was not aware of any problems with the timing of the lights and could not reset them.

Mr Neal said he had reported the matter to the county council and asked if the town council could follow suit.

Meanwhile, Mr Neal also called for action to be taken to cut a dangerous hedgerow on a footpath leading from the foot of Langton Hill to the town’s swimming pool.

Mr Neal claimed the path - which also links with the Spa Trail - was busy with walkers and cyclists.

He said while contractors had cut grass at one side of the path, they had ‘not touched’ the hedge.

He told councillors the hedge was overhanging the path and creating a potential hazard for walkers and cyclists.

Mr Neal was informed by town clerk Amanda Bushell that the hedgerow is the responsibility of the county council.

She confirmed she had reported the same issue this time last year, but it took until October or November for the hedgerow to be cut.

The town’s county councillor Bill Aron supported Mr Neal’s concerns and said he would raise the matter with highways.