Horncastle Town Councillor steps up calls for Bowl Alley Lane solution

A Horncastle town councillor has revealed how he and his young grandson were fortunate to escape serious injury after an incident on a notorious street.
Parking on Bowl Alley Lane. EMN-190717-151910001Parking on Bowl Alley Lane. EMN-190717-151910001
Parking on Bowl Alley Lane. EMN-190717-151910001

Coun Richard Barker has renewed calls for a crackdown on parking outside two schools on Bowl Alley Lane.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Coun Barker said he was ‘clipped’ by the wing mirror of a van, and forced to mount the pavement because of parked vehicles.

Coun Barker said: “I was shocked but not badly hurt.

“There was no way of avoiding the van. There was simply nowhere to go.

“Fortunately, my young grandson was on the inside of the pavement.

“I hate to think what could have happened had he been on the outside.”

Coun Barker went on to describe parking on Bowl Alley Lane at the start and finish of the school day as a ‘nightmare.’

He told councillors there had been ‘at least three or four major incidents’ recently.

Coun Barker’s comments come amid long-standing calls for action to improve parking.

Police and traffic enforcement officers have targeted the area, but according to many people there has been no improvement.

Coun Barker said: “The fact this has been allowed to go on for years is totally unacceptable.

“Will it take a serious accident for something to be done?”

A meeting was held recently between councillors and headteachers at the schools in the area.

That meeting also involved Coun Patricia Bradwell, the deputy leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

Coun Barker said he had contacted the head of Horncastle Primary School who had told him he had not received ‘any feedback.”

Coun Barker said: “He told me he had not heard from anyone. No update, nothing.

“There have to be answers. We can’t keep being told ‘this is being looked into.’”

Town and county councillor Bill Aron said following Coun Bradwell’s intervention, the county’s Road Safety Partnership (RSP) was now involved in discussions about parking.

He added: “They will visit the schools and undertake some training.

“Highways are also aware and action is being taken.”

Coun Barker replied: “I’m sorry but that is complete gobbledegook.

“Training? What training?

“We need answers. We need to know what is actually being done.”

Coun Aron said he understood a report on the parking issues would be produced in October.

He stressed that in the meantime, discussions would continue.

Coun Barker countered: “Why has this (the report) taken two years?

“This whole thing highlights a lack of communication and a lack of clarity.

“People rightly expect a better service from us (the town council). How can we do that when we are not being told what is happening?”

Coun Aron defended his record as a town and county councillor and said he would continue to lobby for a solution.

Councillors also called on feedback about calls for a new pedestrian crossing for school children on Louth Road.

It is claimed an increasing number of parents are now parking on Louth Road - instead of Bowl Alley Lane.