Horncastle's Red Lion Theatre needs your support

An ambitious scheme has been launched to refurbish all 96 seats at Horncastle's Red Lion Theatre.

Shirley Moffat (left) and Gail Hinkins in the Red Lion Theatre EMN-160802-120539001
Shirley Moffat (left) and Gail Hinkins in the Red Lion Theatre EMN-160802-120539001

Shirley Moffat, chairman of the Red Lion Theatre company, revealed the existing seats are made up of second-hand stock taken from old cinemas and have been in place for nearly 30 years.

She said: “Sadly, like us all, they are beginning to show their age!

“The company recently decided that, as such, piecemeal repairs are no longer enough, and the time has come, to give them a complete overhaul.

“A company has now been engaged which specialises in theatre and cinema seating, to refurbish every seat in the theatre.

“They will be re-upholstered, have their metal-work renewed and all wood stripped and re-varnished. The company will also have a ten-year guarantee of the work.”

Ms Moffat went on to explain that when the seats were originally installed, each one was sponsored by members of the company - and by local people and businesses who wanted to lend their support.

She added: “These name plaques will remain - but the company is also offering everyone the chance to have their name go down in theatre history.

“Each seat will cost £80 to refurbish. The company are unable to finance this out of funds so we are again asking local benefactors to sponsor seats.

“As company members have now had first refusal, we are now broadening the opportunity to the general public.

“As we appreciate that £80 is not pocket change, we are breaking sponsorship down to multiples of £20, to allow people to band together to share the cost.”

Sponsorship forms are available from the theatre’s website - horncastletheatre.co.uk. These can be returned, along with cash or a cheque made out to The Lion Theatre, to Horncastle Music Shop. Forms can also be collected from the theatre on performance nights, or from the Music Shop. “

Ms Moffat also thanked everyone who had taken part in an event at Horncastle Co-op which raised £200. The money will re-furbish two of the seats at the theatre which is continuing to flourish after the threat of closure last year.