Horse equipment stolen in Louth and Horncastle areas

Lincolnshire Police are appealing for information regarding the theft of equine-related equipment in Goulceby and Gautby last month.


Rugs, grooming kits and medical items were removed from stables in Goulceby (incident 47 of February 23), and a large quantity of horse related equipment was taken from stables in Gautby (incident 91 of February 23).

Police have confirmed that the majority of the stolen equipment has since been located and returned to the owners.

Call police on 101 with any information, quoting the relevant incident number above.

In order to reduce the possibilities of this type of theft, police have issued the following advice:

• Ensure that your tack is not left in a location that is unlocked and easily accessed.

• Do not leave wheel barrows available to transport equipment off site

• Ensure saddles are security marked – email the Community Safety Department on [email protected] to arrange a site visit to assess your tack security requirements.