How will eateries fare on hygiene?

FOOD outlets in West Lindsey will soon be rated on their hygiene standards in a new scheme being rolled out by the council.

Inspectors from West Lindsey District Council have begun rating premises according to the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

A score from five (very good) to zero (urgent improvement needed) will be displayed in the entrance of every eatery.

A wider range of premises will be rated including butchers, greengrocers and pubs that do not sell food.

The scheme has been developed by the Food Standards Agency and customers will be able to search online for scores.

The FSA said it gives customers a glimpse of what is going on in the kitchen when they eat out, or behind the scenes at the places they shop.

Chairman of WLDC’s prosperous communities committee Coun Malcolm Parish said: “It provides people with consistency as ratings have the same significance wherever people buy food.” 

“They can use the information when deciding which food outlets to visit and we hope food companies will recognise that displaying a good hygiene rating is good for business.”

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