Humberside Police and Crime Panel to scrutinise restructure plan

The next meeting of the Humberside Police and Crime Panel will take place at 2pm on Friday November 21 at County Hall in Beverley.

Both the Chief Constable Justine Curran and Humberside Police Commissioner Matthew Grove will be questioned on plans to restructure Humberside Police.

With representatives from all four Humber councils the Police and Crime Panel (PCP) for the Humberside Police area has been set up to scrutinise, support and challenge the Police and Crime Commissioner.

New chair of the Panel Cllr Jonathan Evison said: “Once elected our Commissioner is in office for four years. It is vital that he or she is held to account. Who better to do that then elected representatives from the four local authorities that Humberside Police serve.

“In our role as elected councillors we have daily discussions with our residents and crime is always a major concern. We intend to support plans where we can, but believe me on behalf of our residents we will challenge where necessary.

“It’s fair to say that there is major concern over the plans for the police restructure, not just over the structure itself but also over the timescales and seemingly lack of consultation with the four local authorities. I’m sure that is something the Commissioner and his Chief Constable will be keen to iron out.”