'˜Improvements are required' at Huttoft School

The head teacher at Huttoft Primary has defended the school following a recent Ofsted report that said it '˜requires improvement'.

Ofsted published the report in December 2017 after visiting the primary school in November.

Inspectors concluded that ‘effectiveness of leadership and management’, ‘quality of teaching, learning and assessment’ and ‘outcome for pupils’ all needed 

However, the school’s ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare’ and ‘early years provision’ were both rated as ‘Good’.

Huttoft Primary’s previous inspection was held in July 2013 and was rated as ‘Good’ overall.

Alison Hurrell, head teacher at the school, told the Leader that the school still has a lot to be proud of.

She explained: “We are all working together to move the school back to ‘Good’ in all areas as quickly as possible.

“Our vision is, and has always been, to provide a high-quality education for the children in our care so we will be focusing on addressing the inconsistencies Ofsted 
identified so that our vision remains at the heart of our school.”

In the report, some of the key areas that require improvement include the school’s attendance - which is below that of pupils nationally.

The report also stated that the leadership plans for progress are not sharply focused, and that there too many inconsistencies in the way Mathematics is taught at the school.

Ms Hurrell added that this improvement required in Mathematics was not a surprise, as the school is already working hard to develop pupils further forward in this area.

She said: “We appreciate the many positives that Ofsted reported on, giving a true reflection of our school.

“One of our favourite comments said that our pupils work well together, are polite and respectful, proud of their school and that their behaviour is good.

“The parent/carer responses to the surveys and discussions that were given out, were simply overwhelming in their praise for our school and its distinctive character.

“Our areas that require improvement, according to Ofsted, means that the school provides an acceptable standard of education overall but is not yet classed as Good.”

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