In a right pickle: Retford student to squeeze into two foot bottle in 'pickled girl' stunt at Circus of Horrors

A 23-year-old student is set to make a guest appearance as the 'girl in the bottle' when the Circus of Horrors rolls into the region this weekend.

Beth Longmate, a forensic science and criminology student at Derby University and keen Circus of Horrors fan, will perform the mind boggling stunt in the Big Top at Derby’s Bass Recreation Ground.

Beth originally became the “girl in the bottle”, squeezing in out of a bottle which is two foot tall and 18 inches in diametre, when her mum, Georgie, contacted Circus of Horrors creator Dr Haze for her 21st birthday.

To her amazement, she was offered the unique opportunity to perform the stunt on stage at Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre, in front of more than 1,000 people.

Beth said she was “terrified and excited all at the same time” and trained for the stunt by asking her mum to put her into small spaces, such as a laundry basket.

The Circus of Horrors performs in the Big Top, Bass Recreation Ground, Derby. Saturday at 8.30pm.