Independent school in Skegness is failing pupils, say Ofsted

An independent school in Skegness is failing its pupils, according to the latest Ofsted report.
The Viking School in Skegness. ANL-181202-081649001The Viking School in Skegness. ANL-181202-081649001
The Viking School in Skegness. ANL-181202-081649001

Inspectors visited the Viking School in Church Road North over three days in November last year and found it to be ‘inadequate’ in all areas.

This included the teaching of reading, writing, mathematics and other subjects, which was described by inspectors as ‘weak’.

Previously a ‘good’ school, it caters for 78 pupils aged two to 11, including 48 who attend part-time, for an annual fee for day pupils of £4,350.

The report outlines the areas for concern to be addressed by headteacher Laura Middlebrook and her staff.

 It says: “The proprietor and the headteacher have not ensured that all independent school standards and early years foundation stage welfare requirements are met.

 “The proprietor is not ensuring that the school’s health and safety policies are followed. Risks to pupils are not identified and addressed quickly.

 “Leaders and teachers do not receive the training they need to carry out their responsibilities. As a result, the school has

declined since the last inspection.

 “Leaders have an overgenerous view of the school’s success. The school improvement plan is inadequate, so the school lacks the capacity to improve further.

 “Staff do not have a good understanding of what pupils should be achieving for their age.

“Expectations of pupils’ work, especially the most able, are not high enough.

 “Teachers do not make accurate assessments of pupils’ learning and use this information to plan activities to ensure that pupils achieve well.

“The teaching of reading, writing, mathematics and other subjects is weak. As a result, pupils do not make the progress they should.

 “Leaders do not have an effective system for checking that pupils are making good progress.

 “The proprietor does not ensure that the headteacher and team maintain high standards in all aspects of school life.”

However, there are two areas of strengths, according to the report. It states:

“Children settle quickly in the pre-school and they are well prepared for starting school.

“Staff know the pupils very well. Pupils are happy and their conduct around school is good.”

We hope to bring you a response from the school for this week’s Skegness Standard.

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