Inquest held for motorcyclist who died after collision in Boston

An inquest has been held today (Friday) for a 21-year-old who died after the motorcycle he was riding was involved in a collision with a car near his home in Boston.
Valentins Anisimovs.Valentins Anisimovs.
Valentins Anisimovs.

Valentins Anisomovs had only owned the motorcycle – a Suzuki GSF 400CC Bandit – for four days ahead of the crash in Tower Road on the evening of Thursday, July 7.

He also did not have insurance or a licence to drive the vehicle, the coroner’s court was told.

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Mr Anisomovs, a factory worker in Ruskington, was travelling on the wrong side of the ride after overtaking a car, near a bend, when the crash took place.

This overtaken car was being driven by his girlfriend and had his brother as a passenger.

After passing his girlfriend and brother, Mr Anisomovs lost control of the motorcycle he was riding and collided with an oncoming car, the coroner’s court was told.

Evidence was given he had been travelling in excess of the 30mph speed limit ahead of the collision, with one witness describing Mr Anisomovs’ riding style as ‘suicidal’.

“He had no room for error,” they said.

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Mr Anisomovs died in hospital on July 12 from acute bronchopneumonia as a result of multiple injuries, the court was told.

The police’s collision investigator said the collision came as a ‘direct result of the manner of riding of Mr Anisomovs’, with speed being a ‘likely’ contributing factor.

At an inquest today, assistant coroner for South Lincolnshire Marianne Johnson said Mr Anisomovs died as a result of a road traffic collision.