Inquest into the death of '˜loving and doting' grandmother from Market Rasen

The inquest has been held into the death of a '˜loving and doting' grandmother from Market Rasen.

Vera Tranter.
Vera Tranter.

Seventy-one-year-old Vera Tranter died as a result of a road traffic collision at the junction of Mill Road and Gordon Fields on September 1, 2015.

The inquest heard how witnesses saw taxi driver Richard Hutchings in his specially-equipped vehicle as he prepared to give a mentally disabled woman a lift home from a day centre close to the junction - something he had done five-days-a-week for the previous few years.

Some described seeing Mrs Tranter behind the vehicle preparing to cross the road.

Statements then describe hearing a loud scream for a few seconds and seeing her banging on the back of the vehicle before witnesses found Mrs Tranter trapped under Mr Hutchings’ taxi.

Emergency services were called and Mrs Tranter was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where she later died.

A postmortem on Mrs Tranter listed the cause of death as chest and abdominal injuries.

Mr Hutching’s told the inquest that he had not seen or heard Mrs Tranter.

It was suggested at the inquest today (Thursday) that it was possible that his passenger - who was known to make ‘high pitched and constant’ sounds as well as rock in her wheelchair could have covered up the sounds of Mrs Tranter and any collision.

Coroner Marianne Johnson concluded that Mrs Tranter died as a result of a road traffic collision.

In a statement read out to the inquest husband Leslie Tranter recalled 48 ‘beautiful years of being married’ in which he said the couple were ‘extremely happy’.

“I wanted and still want more time with her but now this can and will never happen,” he said.

He said Vera, who moved with Mr Tranter to the UK in 1968, was a ‘loving and doting’ grandmother.

“She will be certainly missed by many people but nobody will miss her as much as me,” he said.