Instructor helps to build self-esteem

A DEDICATED martial arts teacher who has helped to build hundreds of kids’ self confidence is the recipient of this week’s Guardian Rose.

Instructor at the Dojo in Worksop, John Drabble, 23, was handed the rose by one of his kick boxing students, Emma Pimperton.

The Portland pupil, 15, started attending classes from the age of six.

She said: “I was getting bullied so I went to the Dojo, and it was nerve-racking meeting new people, but they were so caring and after a few weeks my self confidence rose.”

Emma visits the Dojo three times a week and currently holds her brown belt.

The gym has around five sessions a day and spread into the evening for kids from the age of four upwards.

John, who has been teaching at the Dojo for the past five years, after starting kick boxing at the age of four.

He said: “It’s nice that someone appreciates all that we do. We are a big club with good people.”

“Shy kids come to us, learn some basics and you can see the confidence run through them.”

“Confidence building is the big thing. Building their self confidence is the most rewarding part of the job.”