Is your parking put a life at risk?

Firefighters in Lincolnshire are asking residents to park considerately in a bid to improve access in an emergency.
One example of how bad parking can hinder emergency servicesOne example of how bad parking can hinder emergency services
One example of how bad parking can hinder emergency services

Faced with access and parking issues on a daily basis in the county, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is reminding motorists to park sensibly allowing enough space for an emergency vehicle to get past if needed.

Danny Moss, Deputy Divisional Commander at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “Our streets were not designed to accommodate the number of cars that are now being parked in them. This coupled with households having two, three or four cars all wanting them to be parked close to their home, we are finding that residents are sometimes double parking, parking at an angle or even parking on double yellow lines.

“Our fire engines need a gap of ten feet or three metres to pass safely. If a road is congested with parked cars on both sides, this can delay us by minutes, and every minute counts in an emergency.”

“We would urge people who park on the roadside to park tightly to the kerb, fold in their wing mirrors and avoid parking on a junction.

“This would to help us to provide the prompt emergency response that is rightly expected of us.”

To ensure you don’t cause an unnecessary obstruction, follow Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s top tips:

* Never park on double yellow lines

* Leave extra room at tight junctions

* Park as close to the kerb as possible

* Park straight with wheels straight

* Fold wing mirrors in – every inch counts.