Isle dancers have the world at their feet

Taking on the world were a group of Isle dancers recently who came third in a fierce competition.

Earlier this year the youngest street dance crew ‘Street Beat Elite’ competed in the UK championships, winning first place at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool with a piece choreographed by teacher Jonny Boyle. This qualified them for the world championships which have just taken place.

Director Kim Oakley said: “After an emotional three days and many rounds we are extremely proud and excited to announce that Street Beat won third place out of the world.

“First place went to a Welsh group and second place to a Chinese group. Our elite crew is made up of over 50 per cent boys, which is great for us to try and promote boys dance in the region.

Street Beat dancers in LA.Street Beat dancers in LA.
Street Beat dancers in LA.

“Also, two of our boys entered duos and won fourth place in the world championships - Nathan Moyes and Harry Overton. We are now looking for sponsors to be able to raise enough money to send them to compete in Germany in May next year.”

In addition, the older crew members and teachers have just returned from Los Angeles where they have been training and performing with some of the most prestigious artists in the world.

Kim added: “I am so proud of all of the young people and honoured to work with such talented colleagues.”

And the achievements don’t stop there, the dancers were also invited as guest performers for this year’s Open Air Theatre Summer Show in Scarborough where they appeared before an audience of over 3,000 people.

Street Beat not only provide training in the latest urban dance styles such as breakdance, hip-hop, street dance etc but also run classes in ballet, tap, musical theatre, drama, singing, lifts and contemporary. For more info contact [email protected] or call 01302 515409, alternatively visit Street Beat