Isle students put themselves forward for youth elections

Young people in North Lincolnshire have put themselves forward for the upcoming 2015 Youth Elections to become the next Young Mayor or Member of Youth Parliament.
Councillor Rob WalthamCouncillor Rob Waltham
Councillor Rob Waltham

All 14 candidates: six for Young Mayor and eight for Member of Youth Parliament, are all in campaign mode hoping to be elected.

The candidates have put together their election statements and videos to promote themselves and highlight why they would like to become the next Young Mayor or Member of Youth Parliament.

All young people between 11 and 18 years-old, who live, work or go to school/college in North Lincolnshire, can vote.

Voting will take place in schools, colleges and settings around North Lincolnshire between 26 January and 6 February 2015.

The Youth Elections count event will take place on 12 February where all votes will be counted and the new Young Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament (and their deputies) will be announced.

There are six candidates standing to be elected as Young Mayor:

Azila Hussain, aged 15, from The St Lawrence Academy

Chloe Musgrave, aged 13, from Outwood Academy Brumby

Connor Greenberg, aged 17, from John Leggott College

Devon Drakes, aged 15, from Outwood Academy Foxhills

Kian Borg Jackson, aged 13, from Coritani Academy

Lewis Snowden, aged 16, from Coritani Academy

There are eight candidates hoping to be elected as Member of Youth Parliament:

Caitlin O’Leary, aged 12, from Axholme Academy

Chloe Myhill, aged 12, from South Axholme Academy

Jordan Hammerton, aged 15, from Outwood Academy Brumby

Lucy Edwards, aged 16, from Coritani Academy

Rosie Parkin, aged 12, from South Axholme Academy

Sonia Akther, aged 14, from The St Lawarence Academy

Stefani Salvatierra, aged 16, from Huntcliff School

William McCullion, aged 13, from Axholme Academy

A Young Mayor is elected by their peers to represent the views and interests of young people in North Lincolnshire and will be a serving member of the North Lincolnshire Youth Council.

The Young Mayor will serve a two-year term and some of their duties will include attendance at the annual Youth Debate, acting as a role model, promoting mutual respect and raising awareness of the Youth Council.

A Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) stands to represent young people in his or her area. Their work will be mainly based on local issues that young people think need improving.

During their two-year term of office, the Member of Youth Parliament will work with their local MPs, councillors and youth groups on the issues of greatest concern to children and young people in the area.

The elected MYP for North Lincolnshire will be a member of the Youth Council and work alongside the Young Mayor to bring matters of local concern to regional and national attention.

Young people can get involved in the Youth Council at any time even if becoming a Young Mayor or Member of Youth Parliament isn’t for you.

FThe current Young Mayor, Alex Noakes, and the current Member of Youth Parliament, Minhaz Uddin, will both step down to make way for the newly elected candidates.

Councillor Rob Waltham (pictured), cabinet member for people, said: “Please support and encourage your candidates. They’ve put themselves forward to represent young people of North Lincolnshire. If you have a view about which young person you’d like to represent you, make sure you vote.

“Alex and Minhaz have done fantastic jobs in their roles as Young Mayor and Member of Youth Parliament. They should be proud of how well they have represented the young people of North Lincolnshire in giving them a voice and making a difference. I’m sure the young people elected this year will do just as well.

“Good luck to all the candidates running for this year’s election. We hope that we can build on last year’s success and get more young people involved and voting this year.”

Around 5,000 young people voted for the candidates of their choice in the 2013 Youth Elections and there were some fantastic turnouts from schools and colleges.

For more information about the Youth Elections 2015 and to read the candidates election statements, visit the council’s website