Joscelin sails on high seas voyage

A YOUNG Gainsborough woman has found her sea legs after taking part in a special Challenger Yacht voyage with guiding.

Joscelin Baldock, 22, was part of an all-girl crew of guiding members from across the UK riding the seas in a spectacular trip co-ordinated by the Tall Ships Youth Trust.

The seven day leg saw Joscelin, who is a Rainbow leader, travel between Hartlepool and Holland before heading to Portsmouth.

The yacht was part of a fleet of four, all chartered by Girlguiding North East England.

It gave girls and young women the chance to experience life on the ocean.

And while taking part in the voyage, Joscelin had the opportunity to learn a range of new skills such as hauling ropes, hoisting sails up the 95ft mast, helming the 48 tonne yacht, navigation, night sailing and taking part in the ship’s daily watch.

“Having sailed on the Lord Nelson with guiding in 2008 and in 2010 as part of the Girlguiding UK’s Centenary Challenge, I saw this as a new and different challenge, especially being a leader on board,” said Joscelin.

“For me, the highlights were climbing to the top of the mast and meeting and making friends with lots of new people.”

The experience was also great for team building as every activity on the 72ft vessel takes at least two people to complete.

The Challenger racing yachts are owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust and have all been used in round the world yacht races.

On their return, the crew were met by chief guide Gill Slocombe, Girlguiding North East England chief commissioner Hilary Cooper and Girlguiding South West England chief commissioner Solange Rebours.

Hilary said: “Girlguiding North East England was keen to extend the opportunity for adventure of other members of Girlguiding UK.”

“We are delighted that we had four girl-only crews taking part in this international sailing event.”

“I am sure that all girls will face new challenges and come back proud of all they have achieved.”

Girlguiding has changed radically over the years, now extending beyond badges.

Girls enjoy activities from international travel and outdoor adventure to pop concerts and community action.

l To find out where your nearest Rainbows (age five - seven), Brownies (age seven - 10), Guides (age 10-14) and Senior Section (age 14-25) group is based, call Girlguiding UK on 0800 1695901.