Kidgate Primary Academy in Louth brings literature to life

­Kidgate Primary Academy brought literature to life last week with some special helpers to mark the opening of their new library.

Kidgate Primary Academy in Louth has brought literature to life following the opening of their new library.

Year 10 drama students from King Edward VI Grammar School in the town came to the school dressed up as characters from some of their favourite books and met pupils when they came to see the new library for the first time.

The school building has been extended, making it possible for this new feature to be incorporated into school life for everyone to enjoy.

Deputy head teacher at the school, Kate Rayner said: “We believe if a child says they don’t like reading - it’s because they haven’t found the right book yet. Our new library, the first we’ve had at the school, is filled with colour and lots of great books on display which leap out at the children. We even have a display of the books that the staff enjoyed when they were younger, in the hope our pupils will enjoy them too.”

Ms Rayner added: “We’ve got a new computer system that will keep track of the books the children are taking out, so we can find out what the most popular books are to read.

“It’s great we could also be joined by the drama students, who helped make the day extra special.”