Kids design blooming beds

Gainsborough Schools have been invited to dig in and help Gainsborough In Bloom – giving the town’s youngsters the chance to showcase their imaginative talents and create something unique.

Children from each local primary school were tasked with designing the best circular flower bed.

Flower beds had to represent wither the London Olympics 2012 or Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Winning designs will worked into a drawing and planted up in Whittons Gardens on the Riverside as part of Gainsborough In Bloom 2012 campaign.

Judging is already taking place and the winning designs are eagerly anticipated.

“The schools’ involvement is playing an important part in this year’s campaign and we are looking forward to seeing the display ideas that the school children have worked on,” said committee member David Hawkins.

Last month Gainsborough welcomed a co-ordinator from Cleethorpes In Bloom’s multi-award winning campaign, who gave tips and advice on how to make the bid stronger.

“An important message from the visit was that the involvement of the community is vital to achieve something everyone could be proud of,” said David.

To get involved email [email protected]