Kids go car-azy at

BUDDING engineers in Swallownest showed what they are really made of.

Pupils and their parents at Swallownest Primary took part in a special K’Nex event at the school.

They were given the challenge of building a vehicle out of rods, cogs and wheels - and the one which travelled the furthest was crowned the winner.

The event was run by Sue Mallinder, family learner practitioner and consultant for ABC Family Learners, who has been working with the cluster of schools in Aston and Aughton.

“Thy really enjoyed it. They were using maths and communication skills,” said Sue.

“They weren’t just having fun, they were learning skills as well.”

Sue said: “The Aston and Aughton cluster of schools have emoplyed me to do different activities with parents and children, all based around family learning.”

“This particular activity was a K’Nex challenge. Parents came into school for a morning and the children came out and joined them.”

“The challenge was to build a vehicle that would travel the furthest in the school hall.”

“They made a basic design and tested it and them made alterations until we had the final run.”

“There were 22 parents and 23 children who took part.”

Sue has run a variety of activities in local schools including model making and books groups, all based around family learning.

She set up the company after being made redudant from her role as family learning co-ordinator for the Clifton cluster of skills at Rotherham Council. She has also previsouly worked for Rotherham College of Arts and Technology.

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