Knights begin season with two victories

GAINSBOROUGH Knights basketball team started their Division One season on 5th October with an 83-38 win away to Cranwell Cougars.

Scores by quarter were (Gainsborough scores first) 22-12, 19-02, 20-04 and 22-20.

The Knights dominated the game until the last quarter when they switched to man-to-man defence which gave up a few points, but still won overwhelmingly.

Scorers were:J. Smith 25, K. Ellis 17, S. Smith 14, N. Mugglestone 11, A. Mugglestone 8, B. Brown 4, M. Betts 2, B. Merrils 2 and T. Whelpton.

The Knights’ first home game at the Trent Valley Academy against Speed Fire was a much closer affair.

The hosts built up a good lead in the first quarter but then lost the next two before clawing back the fourth.

Scores for each quarter (Gainsborough scores first): 1st, 39-21; 2nd, 18-22; 3rd, 20-23; 4th, 22-17. The final score was 99-83.

Scorers (three-pointers in brackets): S. Smith 3 (1), J. Smith 32 (1) , K. Ellis 26 (4), N. Mugglestone 22(4), T. Welspeth 2, D. Hartley 8, S. Woycik 2.

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