Labour PCC candidate visits Louth

Labour's candidate for this year's Police and Crime Commissioner came to Louth this last week to talk with local party members, and she plans to visit the town again later this month to meet as many members of the public as she can.

Lucinda Preston.
Lucinda Preston.

Candidate Lucinda Preston stated that being the Police and Crime Commissioner is not an easy job - especially in these times of cutbacks and austerity - but her number one priority would be to protect frontline policing.

Lucinda said: “People often think crime is only a serious problem in the big cities and that in pleasant rural areas like this there are no problems, but there is crime here and very often it has a serious impact on the victim.

“People in Lincolnshire need to feel safe and confident as they go about their lives, and the police play an important part in this.”

She added: “I am against further privatisation of various aspects of police work. I believe strongly in efficient public services being properly funded. People should not be making money out of what we all pay in taxes.”

Lucinda is currently a teacher working in a secondary school in Sleaford. She has lived in the county all her life and now lives in Lincoln.