Last sale before the final Cattle Market decision

Louth Cattle Market's first autumn sale will take place this Thursday (October 5), and this will be the final event before the crucial decision on its future.

'Save Louth Livestock Market'.

David Williams, from Louth Market Auctioneers, said he was ‘delighted’ with the formal recommendation from East Lindsey District Council’s executive board last week, which supported withdrawing the site from the sale process and refurbishing the current facility.

Mr Williams said: “We are delighted with the recommendation from ELDC Executive Board, and we remain fully committed to operating the market indefinitely.

“We are in discussions to ensure that, moving forward, we can provide a sustainable future for Lincolnshire’s only livestock market and that it remains financially viable”

“We would like to invite as many people as possible to attend this Thursday’s market, October 5. This is our first Autumn sale of suckled calves and store cattle.

“We hope to demonstrate the market is a rural hub, and many of our supporters will be there with displays and items for sale. Please join us from 9am onwards for what promises to be a very busy market day with councillors in attendance.

“This is our last market day before the final decision is made on October 11.”

Mr Williams concluded: “We have been delighted by the huge response from our market users, stakeholders, the farming community and local residents to the plight of our market. It just goes to show that in this strong farming county we offer an essential service to the rural community.

“Special thanks must go to Country Landowners Association, National Farmers Union, Livestock Auctioneers Association, The Rural Deanery of Louthesk - to name but a few - for their letters of support to councillors”.