‘Leavers of Lincolnshire’ to hold Brexit meeting

A group of ‘committed leavers, Brexiteers and democrats’ will hold a meeting at the Bull Hotel in Horncastle next week (Thursday April 11) from 7pm, to discuss Brexit and democracy.

Leavers of Lincolnshire

Organiser, Will Grover, said: “I set Leavers of Lincolnshire up a few weeks back to help fight for Brexit and democracy, and to give Leave voters and backers a voice.

“We have already held our inaugural meeting and we took a bus down to the march and rally on Friday March 29.”

Mr Grover added: “We are a cross party group of Lincolnshire residents, who are committed Leavers, Brexiteers and Democrats, who have come together to stand up for Brexit and democracy.

“We are not a political party, but are a social movement, aiming to give people a voice, and to stand up for the largest democratic mandate in UK history, and to honour the referendum result of 2016.”

• Visit the ‘Leavers of Lincolnshire’ Facebook group for further information.