LETTER: Did you give a fiver to young boy in Louth on Boxing Day?

A local resident has praised the Christmas spirit of a lady in Louth who kindly gave some of her money to a distressed child who has lost some of his Christmas money while on his way to the shops on Boxing Day.


Leigh Marriott told the Leader: “My neighbour’s 10-year-old went to the Co-Op (the one on Newmarket) with a tenner and lost it on the way to the shop.

“He went into Co-Op and asked if anybody had handed it in. They said no.

“But a lady that had overheard him asking said she hadn’t found the tenner, but said ‘here’s half of it’ and handed him a fiver.

“He didn’t get the name of the woman, but we would like to thank this kind lady - it was a lovely thing to do.

“Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you all.”

Leigh added: “I went to have a look for his 10 pound and actually found it, but we would like to find the lady to give her the five pounds back and just to say a massive thank you for her kindness and goodwill. It really made his night that there is someone so lovely out there.

“We don’t no anything about her. We just know she was an older lady, and that she has made a 10-year-old not feel so badly about losing his Christmas money.”

• Are you the kind woman mentioned above? Email [email protected]