LETTER: Let's Brexit as quickly as possible

The news on Brexit over the last few weeks has shown that it will be even harder and more complicated than most people imagined to get a good deal on it, especially for Northern Ireland, British exporters and companies and organisations that rely on talent coming here from the EU.

After thinking about this, I have come up with a remarkably simple plan to deal with all these problems (and many more), one that will keep an open border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland (and also between Gibraltar and Spain), a plan that will allow our exporters (and importers) friction-less trade with the EU, one that will even allow the NHS to keep its EU staff at all levels, will allow farmers to bring in workers to do jobs that may British people don’t want to do and even allow universities to hang on to the EU students and academic staff.

All our Government needs to do is to revoke the Article 50 notification, admit the referendum was held on a false premise and get back to working constructively for a better future for everyone in Europe.

Now that wasn’t hard was it? As Vince Cable said last week, this really would allow us to have our cake and eat it!

So lets simply Exit Brexit as soon as possible!

Leon Duveen

By email