LETTER: Parking - totally unacceptable

West Lindsey Liberal Democrats are calling for an end to the current parking madness that exists in Gainsborough.

The current situation, where shoppers are unable to access the town centre because the car parks are filled with permit ticket holders, is totally unacceptable.

We will be lobbying West Lindsey District Council to request that all permit holders are banned from using the three main town centre car parks, Roseway, Ship Court and Bridge Street.

Local shoppers and retailers have been contacting us on a weekly basis complaining about the current problem, which is having a serious detrimental effect on the viability of the town centre businesses.

Is there any surprise why so many shops in Gainsborough are closing and the weekly market is failing?

The town is unlikely to attract any high street retailers when people simply cannot park.

Other towns have introduced incentives to attract shoppers back into the town centres and have enjoyed great success and that is why we will also be calling for the council to introduce free car parking in the town for the first hour.

Trevor Young

Leader of the Opposition,

West Lindsey District Council