LETTER: Town Centre - Ridiculous state of affairs

I was disappointed to read in The Standard that Marshall's Yard will now be hosting a regular fish and chip stall and a pizza stall.

Marshallâ¬"s Yard, Gainsborough
Marshallâ¬"s Yard, Gainsborough

These are already on offer in the town centre.

It is already a ridiculous state of affairs that the farmer’s market is held in the car park there instead of the more suited market place.

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A friend recently returned to Gainsborough and couldn’t believe seeing a near empty Market Place and a farmer’s market squashed into Marshall’s Yard car park, and I totally agree with her.

Gainsborough was an unsuitable place to site a shopping centre, it was always going to be to the detriment of the town centre, the town is just not big enough to accommodate both.

Marshall’s Yard has taken over as the heart of the town, they have the money to host all the various events they put on and the council cannot compete. Now with Oldrid’s leaving I really do not know the way forward for the town.

If Marshall’s Yard management really wants to help the town, as they say they do, a good start would be for the farmer’s market to go back where it belongs – Market Place.

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