Life-size horse sculptures on display at North Lincolnshire park

Two life-sized fifteen-hand-high horses and naked male riders by local artist will go on display from this weekend at Normanby Hall Country Park stables.

Harold Gosney (aged 75) studied at Grimsby School of Art from 1954 and in 1960 returned to the school to teach. It was then that his interest in sculpture began. He retired in 1992 and moved to York to continue his career as a sculptor.

Gosney has been inspired by horses since owning them in the 1960s, and it has always been his desire to create a life-sized representation.

Next to the copper sculpture stands a wooden version. The remarkable structure, originally carved to act as a form on which to make the finished copper piece, now stands as an impressive sculpture in its own right.

Harold Gosney must be one of the finest living artists in Britain, but as a modest man, has never sought celebrity. He must also be one of the most unsung. Gosney’s themes are often inspired by Classical and Renaissance Art and the two subjects that dominate his work are the human form and the horse.

Gosney was awarded the prestigious Slade School of Art drawing prize as a student.

Councillor John Briggs, cabinet member for Assets, Culture and Housing at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “We have great pleasure in hosting this fantastic exhibition. It has just arrived from the Heritage Centre in Grimsby where it was previously displayed.

“The horses are life-sized and very realistic, and what better place to put them than the stables at the beautiful Normanby Hall Country Park.

“This is a real treat for visitors and with the weather looking good for the weekend; it will make a great day out for the whole family.”